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30x30 Day 5, "Sirmilik National Park"


Here’s Day 5’s painting. It’s…different than the others, which was intentional. It’s not another island, it’s something intended to be more abstract.

This was the reference I used:


What Worked

This is all done with sepia paint. No other pigments were added, so I’m satisfied with the interest the painting still has. I was more aware of the paper’s wetness and charging in with more point in certain areas, while waiting for other to dry completely before adding another wash.

What Didn’t Work

It doesn’t really look like the reference. At least not to my eye. It’s missing too much of the detail that made this mountain range interesting. I suppose it works in the abstract, but it just doesn’t grab me like I’d hoped it would.

Final Estimate

Tried something different than what I’ve been doing, and it didn’t turn out great. Still glad I experimented.