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30x30 Day 4, "Further Up Cape Hatteras"


I liked Day 3’s painting so much that I decided to give another section of it a go.

I used the same reference as Day 3, but a section from the upper left section of the image this time:


What Worked

I think I did a better job achieving a complex first wash. It was something that I wanted more of from Day 3’s piece, but I ended up overworking the main island and losing that interest. Here, all 3 islands have an interesting and complex wash.

I also feel like I’m really capturing a simple rendering of the sea. Single color, single wash, but there’s still interest and variation in it.

What Didn’t Work

I actually think I underworked this a bit. I could’ve gone back for another layer to add some detail and darker contrast points to the islands.

Final Estimate

I like this one too! Two in a row!