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30x30 Day 3, "Cape Hatteras"


Day 3’s painting. I like this one. Seriously. I do! It’s not my favorite painting I’ve ever done, but it’s definitely my favorite so far.

This was the reference I used:


This is a HUGE reference image, and there’s a lot I could work from here. The large, triangular island stood out the most to me, so I zoomed in a bit and work from a crop where that triangle was the focus.

What Worked

I think the overall piece feels a lot more like a painting. The composition works in a way that yesterday’s really didn’t. I’m getting more comfortable with the technique I’m using to paint in the water and the shoreline effect ends up really working here, especially on the large island.

What Didn’t Work

I overworked it. Again. Just a bit though! I attempted a wash across the big island to darken the colors which ended up picking up the underlayers and washing it all out. I salvaged it a bit with a few darker shapes across the top, straight lines to imply the manmade structures like roads. But the skinny islands along the right had a much better executed first wash. Because I didn’t mess with them as much!

Final Estimate

Only 3 days in and I already have a painting I actually like. I’m pleased with that.