My Favorite Mugs

I have far, far too many mugs. I’m the sort of person who has just as many mugs as I have coffee and tea preparation equipment.

Inspired by a post by Cassey Lottman, I figured I’d show some of my favorites.

A blue and gold metal mug that reads "Advencher Supply Co." on the side.

Dan Cederholm of SimpleBits fame had a company called Advencher Supply Co. for a little while. It made outdoorsy items with a particular aesthetic, like this metal mug. I have this in two color variations. I got them both back in January of 2020 and they’re still in rotation.

An absurdly large white mug with text that reads "I can and I will" on the side.

My wife bought me this 5 or 6 years ago, mostly as a joke. But I’ve used it off-and-on during that time. Sometimes it’s been full of coffee, but rarely these days. It holds close to 40 oz. so it’s better used as a water vessel.

This is one of my favorite mugs because I made it myself. In the Autumn of 2021, my wife and I took a pottery class at a local art studio. We mostly made a mess, but by the end of several months, there were a few pieces that turned out well. This is one of them. Even though it’s a bit on the small side…and the handle fell off during one of the various firing stages…I still think it’s a lovely mug. Or, well, perhaps it’s more of a cup now?