It feels like there’s always a lot going on, even though I’m often the most content when I’m doing nothing. Funny how that is.

I’m doing a lot of stuff with computers right now.

What Is It I Do, Exactly?

I build websites. To be more specific, I’m a Senior Frontend Engineer at thelab. Been there since 2019.

Current Location

I live in Columbus, Ohio. Moved here in the fall of 2022.

I Swear I’m Not a Gamer

I play a lot of Marvel Snap. Probably not too much, but I’m honestly too close to the matter to be truly objective. It’s the first and only collectible card game I’ve played. It’s fantastic, highly recommended.

Thanks to some light peer pressure, I bought a Steam Deck. The form factor is really conducive to the times I have available for gaming. Plus, the whole world of PC gaming is now at my disposal and I didn’t have to buy and maintain a Windows PC.

I also have a Nintendo Switch that I used to play a lot, but don’t as much anymore. I’m only a dozen hours or so into Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild got me into gaming in a whole new way. I never had game consoles or handhelds as a kid. I played tycoon and simulator games on a Windows PC. That was it.

I have an idea for my own video game. If I’m applying Mr. Kleon’s lessons properly, you should find a lot of information about those efforts here on this blog.

Whatch’a Reading?
Braiding Sweetgrass

Borrowed the audiobook from my local library through Libby. After only a third of the way into it, I was tired of pausing constantly to jot down quotes that I bought a paper copy to make annotations easier.

Show Your Work

I picked up a copy of Show Your Work after putting it off for years. That’s why this blog is here now. You’re welcome and I’m sorry.

Always With the Art

Right now I’m trying to learn pixel art.

Pixel Art Kit

I’ve also paid more attention to my photography over the last year.

Photography Kit

The idea for this page came from, and the handful of blogs I’ve seen over the years that had something similar.